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CCE 81X Chemical PEN Valsgelddetector

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Excl. € 39,00
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    CCE 8100 Chemical detector pen for paper examination PER 10 stuks Garantie: 12 Maanden
    excl. € 39,00 Incl. € 47,19

    Voorraad: Geen voorraad

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Indien de streep op het biljet verkleurt heeft u te maken met een vals bankbiljet. Indien de streep vervaagt en uiteindelijk verdwijnt is het biljet echt.

Main Features: 
  • Chemical detector pen for paper examination
  • Works on all banknotes based on cotton, not on polymer banknotes (e.g. Australia)
  • Easy in handling
  • Mark a banknote on a bright area, if this mark becomes brown or black, it is counterfeited money.
  • No residues on genuine notes according to ECB rules
  • Result within a few seconds
  • Ca. 6.000 marks per pen 

Checks the following security features:
  • PAP
  • You find a description of this features in the topic FAQ
  • Unit - Dimension (D-W-T): 16 x 133 x 12 mm
  • Unit - Weight: 0,01 kg
  • Single carton - Dimension (D-W-T): 13 x 90 x 250 mm
  • Single carton - Weight:  0,02 kg
  • Retail pack: 100 pcs.
  • Retail pack - Dimension (D-W-T): 430 x 257 x 103 mm
  • Retail pack - Weight: 1,94 kg

More information: 
  • CCE Article-No: AC008810
  • EAN Code: 4260180638103
  • Tradenumber: 38220000-00
  • Country of origin: VR China


Please note that the CCE 810 is only a simple tool for a fast check of banknotes and does not provide 100% security, such as professional electronic tester (e.g., CCE 110 or CCE 112 series). The counterfeiters are able to produce and prepare counterfeited banknotes in that way, that the pen can’t detect the
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