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Polyester labels, white, on roll with 25mm core

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excl. € 20,00 Incl. € 24,20


excl. € 20,00 Incl. € 24,20

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These semi-glossy white polyester labels (50µm) on 1 inch core are equipped with a special coating for excellent color anchorage when used with thermal transfer printers. The smooth surface allows comprehensive color transfer for precise inscription e.g. for high density bar codes. The polyester labels adhere to metal surfaces, varnished surfaces and high-energy plastics for barcode labeling and component part marking. The permanent acrylic adhesive has a high initial bond and at least 1006N/m FTM 1 after 72 hours on steel surfaces.

self-adhering polyester
50 µm ±10% (in accordance with ASTM D 3652)
permanent acrylic adhesive with high end strength
1006 N/m after 72 hours on steel (FTM 1)
Temperature range:
-40 °C bis +150 °C
Bond temperature:
at least +10 °C
outer winding
very resistant against many chemicals, salt water, alcohol and common household cleaners, usage indoors and out
Technologie N/B
Mobileprinter Nee
Toetsenboard N/B
Opvolger N/B
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Parcelware Nee
Type Scanner N/B
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Garantie Garantie: 12 Maanden
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Het Pakket N/B
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Opties N/B
Printer model N/B
Manufacturer BYPOS
Operation OS N/B
Kleur N/B
Bedrukking TEC N/B

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Garantie: 12 Maanden

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