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With our extensive range of durable barcode printers, you can produce labels, receipts, documents or cards on-demand.
Rely on Zebra to deliver the right solution for your application.




Zebra GK420d / GK420t verzend (parcelware) etikettenprinter

Zebra GK420d / GK420t 

€ 235,00
Zebra GX420d TT / GX430T TT POSTNL & DHL printer

Zebra GX420d TT / GX430T 


Speciale prijs:€ 339,00

Zebra LP2824/TLP2824 Eltron barcodeprinter PluS

Zebra LP2824/TLP2824 

€ 225,00
Zebra GC420D / GC420T Desktop Label Printer

Zebra GC420D / GC420T 

€ 229,00
Zebra ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer 1D/2D

Zebra ZD420T

€ 309,00

Zebra Zt400 (ZT420 en ZT410 ) Mid-range labelprinter

Zebra Zt400 (ZT420 en ZT410 )

€ 950,00
Zebra ZT220 / ZT230 Series midrange label printers

Zebra ZT220 / ZT230 

€ 540,00
Zebra GT800 Labelprinter

Zebra GT800 Labelprinter

€ 315,00
Zebra ZD500R RFID labelprinter

Zebra ZD500R RFID 

Speciale prijs:€ 559,00

 Zebra ZD620D Direct Thermal Printer

Zebra ZD620D 

€ 349,00

Zebra QLn420 mobile labelprinter

Zebra QLn420 

€ 559,00
Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Printer

Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Printer

€ 229,00
Zebra ZQ500 Portable

Zebra ZQ500 Portable

€ 445,00
Zebra iMZ220 / IMZ320 Mobile printers for iOS, Android, Windows

Zebra iMZ220 / IMZ320 

€ 315,00
 Zebra ZQ300 Mobile receipts printers

Zebra ZQ300

€ 360,00

ZEBRA 105SLPlus etikketenprinter

ZEBRA 105SLPlus 

€ 1.259,00
Zebra 110Xi4 Thermal Labelprinter

Zebra 110Xi4 Thermal

€ 1.899,00
Zebra 170Xi4 plus thermal transfer of direct thermal

Zebra 170Xi4 plus thermal

€ 3.255,00
Zebra 140Xi4 Thermal transfer or direct thermal

Zebra 140Xi4 Thermal 

€ 2.999,00
 Zebra ZT600 Series Industrial labelprinters

Zebra ZT600 Series

€ 1.950,00

Zebra ZD410 Compact Desktop Printers

Zebra ZD410

€ 235,00

Zebra ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer 1D/2D

Zebra ZD420 Thermal

€ 335,00

Zebra QLn220 mobile label printer

Zebra QLn220 mobile

€ 530,00

Zebra ZD420D Series DesktopPrinters

Zebra ZD420D Series 

€ 255,00

 Zebra ZT500 Series High-performance label printers

Zebra ZT500 Series 

€ 1.330,00

 Zebra ZQ600 series ( ZQ610 / ZQ620 ) receipt labelprinter

Zebra ZQ600 series ( ZQ610 / ZQ620 )

€ 589,00



Zebra ZXP3 Series 3 kleur kaartprinter

Zebra ZXP3 Series 3 

€ 769,00
Zebra ZXP Series 1™ Card Printer

Zebra ZXP Series 1™ 

€ 659,00
Zebra ZXP7 Series 7 Kleurenkaart

Zebra ZXP7 Series 7 

€ 1.259,00

Zebra ZXP Series 9

€ 1.599,00

Zebra ZC300 plug and play pvc printer!

Zebra ZC300 

€ 789,00


Zebra ZC100 PVC printer

Zebra ZC100 

€ 609,00

Zebra ZC350 special effects PVC printer

Zebra ZC350 

€ 909,00



Mobile Terminals

Zebra MT2000 - MT2070 en MT2090 WiFi & bluetooth (Motorola)

Zebra MT2000 - MT2070 en MT2090 


€ 495,00

Zebra TC75 2D 4G mobile scanner (motorola)

Zebra TC75 2D 

€ 1.399,00

Zebra TC20 2D mobile computer smartphone

Zebra TC20 2D 

€ 345,00

Zebra TC51 / TC56 Robust MDA multi-talent Android

Zebra TC51 / TC56 

€ 920,00

Zebra TC8000 scanning-intensive android

Zebra TC8000 

€ 1.580,00

Zebra TC25 IP65 Smartphone Android 7 PDA

Zebra TC25 

€ 369,00

Zebra MC18 2D Mobile Computer (Motorola)

Zebra MC18 2D 

€ 790,00

Zebra WT6000 Android

Zebra WT6000 

€ 1.699,00

Zebra MC3200 Robust andriod device(Motorola)

Zebra MC3200 

€ 650,00

Zebra MC3300 Android MDA

Zebra MC3300 

€ 750,00

Zebra MC9200 indoors and outdoors handterminal (Motorola)

Zebra MC9200 

€ 1.530,00

Zebra Omnii XT15 Series mobile datacollector

Zebra Omnii XT15 

€ 1.030,00

Zebra MC55X Robust mobile computer

Zebra MC55X 

€ 1.040,00

Zebra Workabout Pro 4

Zebra Workabout Pro 4 

€ 780,00

Zebra MC2100 / MC2180 Mobile Computer (Motorola)

Zebra MC2100 / MC2180 

€ 299,00

Zebra WT41N0 Data Terminal Hands-Free (Motorola)

Zebra WT41N0 

€ 1.299,00

Keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently is your top priority. You rely on printers and tools that are dependable, durable, easy to use and don’t require much space. Zebra’s desktop printers are compact, simple to operate, reliable and cost effective. And, they leverage our long history of innovation and industry-leading capabilities.  

Ideal for a wide variety of mid-volume industrial, commercial and healthcare applications, Zebra offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer printer models. And, with Zebra’s extensive custom development capabilities, you can find the right desktop printer to meet all your application needs. 

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